Anthony Timson

Anthony is the founder of WaveMobile, A UK cellular operator of a combined 2G+4G roaming network. He's also the founder of CellXion, where the BTS/eNodeB hardware, PHY and protocol stacks used at WaveMobile are developed.

  • WaveMobile: Operating a small, real-world roaming 2G network using Osmocom
Harald Welte

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  • Welcome to OsmoCon 2018
  • External SMS Services using SMPP
  • Local Call, Local Switch: 3GPP LCLS in Osmocom
  • Osmocom Roadmap: 2019 and beyond
  • The 2018 Osmocom automatic testing offensive
  • osmo-remsim: Remote SIM card Software
  • 10 years of Osmocom
J. Félix Ontañón

Felix Ontanon is the Director of Innovation at Pod Group, a M2M MVNO.

  • Open Source Java applets for (not only) sysmoUSIM-SJS1
Keith Whyte

Keith Whyte is a musician and intensive computer and network user who has been working with the communications needs of social organizations since 1991 when he ran a dial-up BBS and FidoNet node. In 2011, after initial discussions about community cellular with Rhizomatica founder Peter Bloom, he set up initial trial GSM installations at the Contemporary Art Archipelago in Turku, Finland and The Global Contemporary at ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany. Keith has worked as part of the Rhizomatica team since the inception of the community GSM project.

  • A Fault tolerant Core network - Distributed GSM
Kevin Redon

Kevin Redon has been part of Osmocom for many years. He did - among many other things - the Osmocom logo and the original SIMtrace hardware design.

His day job was an IT security researcher for many years, with Osmocom merely a pet / spare time activity. In 2018 he started to work on Osmocom projects as a dayjob, with the initial focus at SIMtrace2 firmware development.

  • SIMtrace2 - an incremental update to SIMtrace
Neels Hofmeyr

Neels Hofmeyr has a passiont for Free Software development and has been active in the Subversion revision control system. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, but works extensively on all parts of the Osmocom stack. Among his contributions are the 3G support of Osmocom, as well as more recently the inter-BSC and load-based hand-over in OsmoBSC.

  • Inter-BSC hand-over in OsmoBSC
  • Load-based hand-over in OsmoBSC
  • Osmocom developer panel
Omar Ramadan

Omar Ramadan is working in the OpenCellular team at Facebook.

  • OC-2G: Lowest cost cellular infra
Pau Espin Pedrol

Pau Espin has been working on Osmocom since 2017, when he joined the sysmocom team as a full-time software developer. Apart from fixing issues all over the various projects, he has been the core developer of osmo-gsm-tester, the software driving continuous automatic end-to-end tests in Osmocom.

  • OsmoTRX status + support for more drivers/SDR APIs like LimeSuite
  • Osmocom developer panel
Peter Bloom

Born in Philadelphia USA, Mr Bloom holds a BA in Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master's degree in Rural Development from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Xochimilco, Mexico. He is the founder in 2002 and ex-director of Juntos, the first organization in Philadelphia dedicated to organizing and defending the human rights of latino immigrants. In 2009 Peter began working in Nigeria as a development consultant and media maker and lived in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria for two years co-founding the Media for Justice Project based outside of Port Harcourt. Since 2011 Peter has been coordinating Rhizomatica, an organization he started to promote new communication technologies and more friendly regulation for local networks. Rhizomatica founded and helps run the first federated, community owned and managed cell phone network in the Americas. They also support similar deployments in Brazil, Nicaragua and Colombia.

  • Community cellular network implementations in Latin America
Philipp Maier
  • OsmoMGW, MGCP and how it is used
  • SIM cards in Osmocom networks
Stephan Skrodzki

Born March 1966, working at sysmocom in the area of Sales / Business Development.

  • Osmocom developer panel
Steve Markgraf
  • osmo-fl2k - the [evil] transmit-side brother of RTL-SDR
  • Osmocom developer panel
Sylvain Munaut


  • Open Hardware USB E1 Interface (WIP)
  • Osmocom developer panel
Vadim Yanitskiy

Osmocom project contributor. Mobile telecommunications researcher.
Transforming coffee into C, Python, PHP, or JavaScript code.
Free software fan.

  • External SS/USSD interface