OsmoCon 2018 speaker: Pau Espin Pedrol

Pau Espin has been working on Osmocom since 2017, when he joined the sysmocom team as a full-time software developer. Apart from fixing issues all over the various projects, he has been the core developer of osmo-gsm-tester, the software driving continuous automatic end-to-end tests in Osmocom.


OsmoTRX status + support for more drivers/SDR APIs like LimeSuite

OsmoTRX used to support only either UHD or libusrp1, with a compile-time choice. Now, we can build multiple targets such as osmo-trx-{usrp,uhd} and have added LimeSuite support with osmo-trx-lms.

Osmocom developer panel

Moderated panel discussion with Osmocom developers and public Q&A