»Welcome to OsmoCon 2018« Harald Welte; Talk (45 minutes)

Welcome and Introduction Note from the Osmocom project founder

»Inter-BSC hand-over in OsmoBSC« Neels Hofmeyr; Talk (45 minutes)

How OsmBSC was extended to support inter-BSC hand-over next to the existing intra-BSC hand-over support.

»External SS/USSD interface« Vadim Yanitskiy; Talk (45 minutes)

Introducing the GSUP based external USSD interface of the Osmocom Core Network stack

»External SMS Services using SMPP« Harald Welte; Talk (45 minutes)

How to use the SMPP interface to implement external SMS services

»WaveMobile: Operating a small, real-world roaming 2G network using Osmocom« Anthony Timson; Talk (45 minutes)

Experience from WaveMobile on operating a small but real-world roaming 2G network based on the Osmocom 2G protocol stack.

»A Fault tolerant Core network - Distributed GSM« Keith Whyte; Talk (45 minutes)

How do you run a GSM network with unreliable backhaul, maintaining as many local services as possible available during periods of backhual outage?

»OsmoMGW, MGCP and how it is used« Philipp Maier; Talk (45 minutes)

This talk covers some MGCP background know-how, introduces OsmoMGW and explains how OsmoMGW is used by OsmoMSC and OsmoBSC to control the RTP user plane of voice calls.

»Load-based hand-over in OsmoBSC« Neels Hofmeyr; Talk (45 minutes)

In 2018, OsmoBSC has undergone significant changes to allow load-based hand-over between overlapping cells. This talk describes the implementation and its configuration/use.

»SIMtrace2 - an incremental update to SIMtrace« Kevin Redon; Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

In 2018, after 6+ years of SIMtrace, we finally released SIMtrace2. This talk introduces the what, how and why.

»Local Call, Local Switch: 3GPP LCLS in Osmocom« Harald Welte; Talk (45 minutes)

This talk introduces 3GPP "Local Call, Local Switch" and covers the capabilities of the Osmocom implementation.

»osmo-fl2k - the [evil] transmit-side brother of RTL-SDR« Steve Markgraf; Talk (45 minutes)

In 2018, Steve Markgraf released osmo-fl2k, [ab]using inexpensive USB3 VGA dongles as SDR transmitters.

»OsmoTRX status + support for more drivers/SDR APIs like LimeSuite« Pau Espin Pedrol; Talk (45 minutes)

OsmoTRX used to support only either UHD or libusrp1, with a compile-time choice. Now, we can build multiple targets such as osmo-trx-{usrp,uhd} and have added LimeSuite support with osmo-trx-lms.

»Osmocom Roadmap: 2019 and beyond« Harald Welte; Talk (45 minutes)

Let's have a look on the roadmap for Osmocom in the next 12 months or so.

»Coffee Break« ; Breaks (30 minutes)

Coffee Break

»The 2018 Osmocom automatic testing offensive« Harald Welte; Talk (45 minutes)

This talk explains how Osmocom set out in late 2017 / early 2018 to establish extensive integration testing using TTCN3 and Eclipse TITAN.

»Lunch break (day 1)« ; Breaks (30 minutes)

Lunch break (day 1)

»Lunch break (day 2)« ; Breaks (30 minutes)

Lunch break (day 2)

»Afternoon break« ; Breaks (30 minutes)

Afternoon break

»SIM cards in Osmocom networks« Philipp Maier; Talk (45 minutes)

Discusses what kind of options you have in terms of SIM/USIM cards when operating Osmocom based networks

»Open Hardware USB E1 Interface (WIP)« Sylvain Munaut; Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

Why design a new E1 adapter in 2018?

»Community cellular network implementations in Latin America« Peter Bloom; Talk (45 minutes)

An overview of how organizations and communities are using Osmo projects to create real-world implementations of low-cost, community-based cellular networks

»Registration, Coffee and Snacks« ; Breaks (30 minutes)

Coffee and Snacks are available before the opening of the conference

»Farewell Coffee and Snacks« ; Breaks (30 minutes)

Farewell Coffee and Snacks

»osmo-remsim: Remote SIM card Software« Harald Welte; Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

A quick glance at what's happening on the R&D side with osmo-remsim.

»OC-2G: Lowest cost cellular infra« Omar Ramadan; Talk (45 minutes)

Containerizing the Osmocom stack for production readiness

»10 years of Osmocom« Harald Welte; Talk (45 minutes)

Review of 10 years Osmocom history

»Osmocom developer panel« Stephan Skrodzki, Steve Markgraf, Sylvain Munaut, Neels Hofmeyr, Pau Espin Pedrol; Panel Discussion (30 minutes)

Moderated panel discussion with Osmocom developers and public Q&A

»Open Source Java applets for (not only) sysmoUSIM-SJS1« J. Félix Ontañón; Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

Quick presentation about a few small opensource Java applets developed for sysmoUSIM-SJS1