Philipp Maier

»MGCP and where/how we use it in Osmocom« | »osm-mgw: The new Osmocom Media Gateway«

Alexander Chemeris

»GIS for non-GIS people / cellular network planing« | »Running a commercial network with OsmoNITB/OsmoBTS« | »pySim discussion«

Neels Hofmeyr

»Faster VTY and CTRL interface test« | »load-based hand-over in OsmoBSC« | »year 1 after the NITB split / new features, "dropped" features«

Vadim Yanitskiy

»Implementation of GPRS support for OsmocomBB« | »External USSD interface« | »SDR PHY for OsmocomBB status update« | »GAPK (GSM Audio Pocket Knife) status update« | »TRX Toolkit and virtual Um-interface«

Steve Markgraf

»osmo-fl2k: USB VGA dongles and SDR«

Alexander Couzens

»jenkins, gerrit, tooling« | »Review of 34C3 cellular network«

Unnamed user

»3GPP specifications revision control«

Daniel Willmann

»Osmocom KPI: counters, rate counters, stats items, statsd«

Piotr Krysik

»SDR PHY for OsmocomBB status update« | »GSM burst transmission in GNU Radio«


»Lattice FPGA reverse engineering & Proper software for the Plutosdr«

Ivan Kluchnikov

»Running a commercial network with OsmoNITB/OsmoBTS«

Martin Hauke

»OpenSUSE packaging of Osmocom«

Unnamed user

»Adaptive Digital Predistortion on LimeSDR«

Sergey Kostanbaev

»XTRX status update«

Sukchan Lee

»nextepc as LTE core network«

Dimitri Stolnikov

»German Aerospace Center (DLR) site in Weilheim«

Pau Espin Pedrol

»state of osmo-gsm-tester«

Harald Welte

»Osmocom Releases: The When, How + Who« | »RFC: 10 years Osmocom party?« | »3GPP LCLS: Local Call, Local Switch« | »2017 retrospective: The year of the {NITB split, regressions}« | »OsmoCon 2018 Outlook« | »2G/4G interworking« | »Welcome to OsmoDevCon 2018« | »The IuUP (User Plane) Protocol« | »TTCN-3 introduction« | »Re-introducing E1/T1 to post-NITB Osmocom« | »Software Defined E1« | »Ericsson RBS 6000 base stations« | »State of the Osmocom TTCN-3 Test Suites«

Keith Whyte

»Decide the strategy for SMSC in post NITB Cellnet« | »Bring every GPRS enabled phone you can and observe its behaviour with data connection« | »State of MNCC<->SIP going forward«

Unnamed user

»Adaptive Digital Predistortion on LimeSDR«