Alexander Chemeris

»GIS for non-GIS people / cellular network planing« | »Running a commercial network with OsmoNITB/OsmoBTS« | »pySim discussion«

Neels Hofmeyr

»Faster VTY and CTRL interface test« | »load-based hand-over in OsmoBSC« | »year 1 after the NITB split / new features, "dropped" features«

Steve Markgraf

»osmo-fl2k: USB VGA dongles and SDR«

Vadim Yanitskiy

»Implementation of GPRS support for OsmocomBB« | »External USSD interface« | »SDR PHY for OsmocomBB status update« | »GAPK (GSM Audio Pocket Knife) status update« | »TRX Toolkit and virtual Um-interface«

Alexander Couzens

»jenkins, gerrit, tooling« | »Review of 34C3 cellular network«

Unnamed user

»3GPP specifications revision control«

Daniel Willmann

»Osmocom KPI: counters, rate counters, stats items, statsd«


»Lattice FPGA reverse engineering & Proper software for the Plutosdr«

Ivan Kluchnikov

»Running a commercial network with OsmoNITB/OsmoBTS«

Martin Hauke

»OpenSUSE packaging of Osmocom«

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»Adaptive Digital Predistortion on LimeSDR«

Harald Welte

»Osmocom Releases: The When, How + Who« | »RFC: 10 years Osmocom party?« | »3GPP LCLS: Local Call, Local Switch« | »2017 retrospective: The year of the {NITB split, regressions}« | »OsmoCon 2018 Outlook« | »2G/4G interworking« | »Welcome to OsmoDevCon 2018« | »The IuUP (User Plane) Protocol« | »TTCN-3 introduction« | »Re-introducing E1/T1 to post-NITB Osmocom« | »Software Defined E1« | »Ericsson RBS 6000 base stations« | »State of the Osmocom TTCN-3 Test Suites«

Piotr Krysik

»SDR PHY for OsmocomBB status update« | »GSM burst transmission in GNU Radio«

Sergey Kostanbaev

»XTRX status update«

Pau Espin Pedrol

»state of osmo-gsm-tester«

Sukchan Lee

»nextepc as LTE core network«

Dimitri Stolnikov

»German Aerospace Center (DLR) site in Weilheim«

Philipp Maier

»MGCP and where/how we use it in Osmocom« | »osm-mgw: The new Osmocom Media Gateway«

Keith Whyte

»Decide the strategy for SMSC in post NITB Cellnet« | »Bring every GPRS enabled phone you can and observe its behaviour with data connection« | »State of MNCC<->SIP going forward«

Unnamed user

»Adaptive Digital Predistortion on LimeSDR«