Alexander Couzens
  • osmo-epdg: The osmocom ePDG for VoWiFi
  • open5gs - feedback from user point of view
Andreas Eversberg
  • High-performance I/O using io_uring via osmo_io
Harald Welte (sysmocom)

One of the original authors of OpenBSC and OsmocomBB, both of which turned into Osmocom later on. Also co-founder of sysmocom, the leading company for professional R&D around many osmocom projects and largest contributor to Osmocom.

In previous lives, I hacked [among other things] on netfilter/iptables, OpenMoko and did a lot of work in terms of legal compliance to Open Source licenses at

  • High-performance I/O using io_uring via osmo_io
  • Welcome to OsmoDevCon 2024
  • Foundation assembly of Osmocom non-for-profit
  • Proposal for Osmocom non-for-profit
  • GlobalPlatform in USIM and eUICC
  • Introduction to XDP, eBPF and AF_XDP
  • Anatomy of the eSIM profile
  • GSM FAX and CSD Demo
  • Using bpftrace to analyze osmocom performance
  • Detailed workings of OTA for SIM/USIM/eUICC
Keith Whyte

Officially technology coordinator at Rhizomatica since around 2016.
Unofficially co-"founder" of said organisation since 2011.

These days, More interested in the social effects of technology and digital networking than the technology itself.

  • 2.024 G
  • My Kamailio Config
  • CSFB in practice
Michael Iedema
  • Operating Open Source Mobile Networks at Scale
Neels Hofmeyr

Most of my career happened in FLOSS.
sysmocom employee since 2015.

I wrote a large portion of Osmocom's CNI code in osmo-bsc, -msc, -hlr, -hnbgw...
Currently mostly busy in the realms:
- negotiating voice codecs in osmo-msc, -bsc, -sip-connector
- PFCP and UPF (osmo-upf, gtp-load-gen, ...)

  • Codec resolution: AMR rates in 2G, 3G and SIP
  • First impression of eUPF
  • my hobby dabbles at examining network traces
Oliver Smith
  • A tale of OsmoGGSN, libgtpnl, kernel GTP-U and IPv6
  • open5gs - feedback from user point of view
  • Your favorite Osmocom related productivity tips and tools
Pau Espin Pedrol
  • osmo-epdg: The osmocom ePDG for VoWiFi
  • OsmoPCU: past, present and future
  • GPRS support in osmocom-bb
  • open5gs - feedback from user point of view
Philipp Maier
  • onomondo softsim: A software USIM implementation
Shinjo Park
  • GSMTAPv3 - The long-awaited successor
Steve Markgraf
  • Low cost, high speed data acquisition over HDMI
  • fx2adc: Using USB oscilloscopes as general purpose ADC
Sukchan Lee

Sukchan Lee is the founder and lead developer of the open5gs project

  • open5gs status: recent, current and future developments
Supreeth Herle
  • srsRAN Project - Application in UL heavy traffic scenarios
Sylvain Munaut


  • Sky130 and TinyTapeout : A quick intro
  • JESD204B : Interfacing to modern ADC/DAC with LiteX
Vadim Yanitskiy
  • GPRS support in osmocom-bb
  • GSM FAX and CSD Demo
  • DebugMux: getting baseband logs from old Sony Ericsson phones