Anatomy of the eSIM profile
05-04, 19:15–20:00 (Europe/Berlin), Meeting Room

In the eSIM universe, eSIM profiles are the virtualised content of a classic USIM (possibly with ISIM, CSIM, applets, etc.).

Let's have a look what an eSIM profile is:
* how is the data structured / organized?
* what data can be represented in it?
* how to handle features provided by eUICC, how can the eSIM profile mandate some of them?
* how does personalization of eSIM profiles work?

There will be some hands-on navigation through profiles, based on the pySim.esim.saip module.

One of the original authors of OpenBSC and OsmocomBB, both of which turned into Osmocom later on. Also co-founder of sysmocom, the leading company for professional R&D around many osmocom projects and largest contributor to Osmocom.

In previous lives, I hacked [among other things] on netfilter/iptables, OpenMoko and did a lot of work in terms of legal compliance to Open Source licenses at

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