OsmocomBB Layer1 on Mediatek: Status Report
04-28, 15:00–15:30 (Europe/Berlin), Main Room

I would like to share my progress in porting layer1 to fernvale (MediaTek 626x chipset) and discuss how best to proceed with the goal of getting layer1+nuttx+mobile on fernvale as well as related devices like sim800[A-Z] and dz-09 like watches. Possibly also discussing newer chipsets like mtk6735/6737 (zte obsidian and orange pi 4g/iot board).

part-time hacker on osmocom-bb, involved in mobile linux projects since 1999-ish starting with uClinux on Palm Pilot project. Worked mostly as a Java/Web enterprise developer but has been able to focus on C/embedded mostly for the past 5 or so years.

Wants to create a less distracting mobile device with no screen called rockphone. Involved in postmarketOS project due to shared interest in low-level hacking of mediatek chipsets.

Plays noise/improv/rock in a one-man-band called This Is My Condition. Search youtube for examples.