Welcome to our schedule sneak peek!

We prepared a list of exciting talks, so you can get a feel for our conference. Please keep in mind that this is not our full schedule. We will follow up with the full schedule in time, stay tuned!

»GPG keysigning party«
Harald Welte; Workshop/Hacking (30 minutes)

Let's grow the web of trust and do some gpg keysigning among Osmocom developers

»Aastra/Mitel DECT base station dissection«
Harald Welte; Talk (30 minutes)

Let's look behind the scenes of modern "enterprise" DECT base stations

»osmo-rfds: Osmocom RF delay simulator«
Sylvain Munaut; Talk (30 minutes)

osmo-rfds is a small project that is used to introduce configurable delay into an actual RF path. This is used e.g. to simulate propagation delay and test timing advance control loops in Osmocom GSM.

Harald Welte; Talk (30 minutes)

Introducing a small tool that can be used to manage incremental changes to libosmocore/vty-style configuration files. How it works + quick demo

»Inter-MSC handover: How it works and how we implement it«
Neels Hofmeyr; Talk (30 minutes)

This talk covers Inter-MSC hand-over both on the conceptual side, as well as the osmo-msc implementation.

»SGs interface in OsmoMSC«
Philipp Maier; Talk (30 minutes)

Recently, we introduced a SGs interface to osmo-msc for CSFB and SMS interoperation with 4G/LTE. This talk covers SGs interface basics as well as how we added it to osmo-msc

»35C3 aftermath«
Neels Hofmeyr, Alexander Couzens; Talk (30 minutes)

Let's cover how the Osmocom GSM + 3G test network worked @ 35C3

»device-side CCID implementation for sysmoOCTSIM«
Harald Welte, Kevin Redon; Talk (30 minutes)

Walk-through the device side USB-CCID firmware implementation for the sysmoOCTSIM, with focus on architecture, testing and obstacles.

»Production-Grade Cell Broadcast for Osmocom«
Harald Welte; Talk (30 minutes)

In Q2+Q3 2019, the speaker is working on a [funded] project to implement proper Cell Broadcast support in Osmocom. Let's cover the current status and the goals for this project, including * a proper OsmoCBC * 3GPP standard interfaces between CBC and BSC * OsmoBSC side scheduling of SMCB * 3G support for SABP (Service Area Broadcast) * Tools for easy generation of standard messages, particularly ETWS/CMAS/WEA/EU-ALERT/...

»Technical Introduction to ETSI DECT«
Harald Welte; Talk (30 minutes)

Ten years aftter deDECTed and many years after OsmcoomDECT was abandoned by its original author, let's revisit the ETSI DECT system and share a bit of knowledge of how it works across all the layers of its protocol stack

»OsmocomBB Layer1 on Mediatek: Status Report«
Craig Comstock; Workshop/Hacking (30 minutes)

I would like to share my progress in porting layer1 to fernvale (MediaTek 626x chipset) and discuss how best to proceed with the goal of getting layer1+nuttx+mobile on fernvale as well as related devices like sim800[A-Z] and dz-09 like watches. Possibly also discussing newer chipsets like mtk6735/6737 (zte obsidian and orange pi 4g/iot board).