year 1 after the NITB split / new features, "dropped" features
2018-04-20, 10:30–11:00, Main Room

Good and not-yet-so-good parts of the new software components that we split the osmo-nitb into: osmo-bsc, osmo-msc, osmo-hlr

The actual state of the new, split software components and the nature of their benefits, but also things that used to be easy in osmo-nitb that are currently impossible in the split components -- and how to fix that.


after the talk, additions to "things currently not working":

  • auth-policy accept-all in osmo-msc (would be trivial to implement in osmo-hlr)
  • RLLP (there's code in osmo-msc that seems active though, needs investigation)
  • osmux in osmo-mgw not working, only in the old osmo-bsc_mgcp and osmo-bsc_nat
  • "transcode" between 2G (RTP proper) and 3G (IuUP/RTP)
  • E1 BTS support in osmo-bsc.git
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