Inter-BSC hand-over in OsmoBSC
10-19, 11:20–11:40 (Europe/Berlin), Conference Venue

How OsmBSC was extended to support inter-BSC hand-over next to the existing intra-BSC hand-over support.

In 2018, OsmoBSC has undergone significant changes to allow inter-BSC (also called "external") hand-over on the A interface. The previous hand-over implementation only supported intra-BSC type hand-overs, where both the source and the target cell are served by the same BSC.

In order to support hand-overs at the edge of BSC coverage areas, inter-BSC hand-over was implemented.

This talk describes the history, implementation and its configuration/use of this new OsmoBSC feature.

See also: slides for both of my talks (82.3 KB)

Neels Hofmeyr has a passiont for Free Software development and has been active in the Subversion revision control system. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, but works extensively on all parts of the Osmocom stack. Among his contributions are the 3G support of Osmocom, as well as more recently the inter-BSC and load-based hand-over in OsmoBSC.

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